Lyric Education

“Your life is already artful-waiting, just waiting, for you to make it art.” Toni Morrison

At the Lyric we know seeing live performance coupled with training in the arts can transform a young person’s life. Our in-school and summer programs in dance, theatre, music, and creative writing are supported by the belief that every person has a unique and important story to share. Just as Shakespeare wrote contemporary, relevant dramas for Elizabethan England, increased involvement in the arts can reflect the joys and struggles of our communities in new, compelling ways.

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Meet The Team


Denise Kumani Gantt

Director of Education

Denise Kumani Gantt is currently the director of education at the Modell Lyric. She serves on the events committee for Maryland Citizens for the Arts, the BAEI Advisory Committee and the Urban Arts Leadership Council. Her plays and performance works include meditations/from the ash, winner of the Artscape’s Best Play Contest; anatomy/lessons part of Penumbra Theater’s Cornerstone Project, and The Gift, which in 2011 received staged readings at ACT (Seattle) and New York’s Drama League. In January 2013, her solo work, Eve’s Lament, was part the Lekhana Literary Weekend in Bangalore, India. In 2003, her collection of poetry, conjuring the dead, was awarded the Maryland Emerging Writers Award. Gantt is a founding member of the theater ensemble Medusa Speaks, is an adjunct professor at Coppin State University, and holds an MFA in Theatre from Towson University.

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Ron Williams

Education Manager

Ron Kipling Williams uses art, media, performance, and education to break down walls, facilitate open and honest conversations, and build community. Ron has performed at numerous venues including Artscape, Center Stage, the Nyorican Poet’s Café, and Lalapalooza, and has taught at libraries, universities, and both major and community arts institutions. His awards include the Baltimore City African American Unsung Hero Award, United Workers Human Rights Champion Award, Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award, National Society of Leadership and Success Excellence in Teaching, and the Fulbright Scholarship Alternate. Ron holds an MFA from the University of Baltimore, where he is adjunct professor and faculty fellow at the Hoffberger Center for Professional Ethics.


Ebony Evans

Education Coordinator

Ebony Evans is a musician, performing artist, arts instructor, lightworker, and radical activist centering her work around the freedom, agency, empowerment, and self-expression of Black Womyn and girls. Ebony holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Arts from Coppin State University. She is a 2020/21 Community Art Collaborative MICA fellow and continues to serve as resident artist and education coordinator at the Modell Performing Arts Center at the Lyric. With years of experience in cultivating spaces of spiritual empowerment and body positivity for Black Womyn, she fosters growth and healing in the face of unchecked misogyny; and in her years-long work as an arts instructor specializing in African Folklore and theater for children in grades K-8, Ebony continues the work of dismantling white supremacy in our most vulnerable populations.